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Smart recruitment marketing starts here.

Our Approach.

Getting resumes might be easy. But finding qualified applicants? That’s a different story. We help you get the attention of the talent you need with an extensive set of marketing solutions powered by smart technology and strategic partnerships. Our wealth of candidate insights across the USA TODAY NETWORK is leveraged to better understand the behaviors of your ideal candidates. And there’s no “set it and forget it” model: we build a customized program for you, based off of your unique goals.

The Difference.

It comes down to knowing your local community, proven best practices, and having the data, insights, and solutions that meet your recruitment marketing needs.

LOCALiQ RECRUITMENT simplifies your hiring needs by helping you acquire talent, so you have more time to focus on building a great culture within your organization. As your complete recruitment marketing partner, we use our end-to-end marketing solutions and expertise, plus our network of 155MM monthly consumers on our sites, apps and experiences to find you talent. No matter the size of your investment – we’re a partner by your side for it all, just a phone call or email away.


We partner with the best, so you get the best possible results.
Take advantage of our partnerships we’ve built to drive more applications for your organization. We can help you leverage top digital advertising platforms to put your jobs front and center with top talent.

Google Partner

Our team knows this powerful search engine inside and out. We’ve built smart technology to maximize every dollar you spend, and we track your investment with care.


Facebook isn’t just for sharing life updates and fun pictures. Harness the true power of this social media giant with our technology that automates your social employment advertising to generate more candidate leads.


Our partnership with ZipRecruiter powers our recruitment pages – online and in print – that reach over millions of readers every week.


Complete End-To-Service.

We get it. You’re busy managing the people side of your business. We simplify recruitment marketing with a complete range of solutions to help you reach the right candidates with one partner. Working with us can give you a competitive edge over other local businesses after the same talent. Coupled with a customized strategy based on your needs, you can be confident knowing that your hiring goals are reachable with us. We are your end-to-end recruitment marketing partner, providing you with a smarter way to acquire the talent your business needs.

Our team of recruitment marketing experts constantly challenge the status quo to evolve employment marketing.

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Anna Brekka

Director, Recruitment Advertising NE

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Director Inside Sales

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Director, Operations & Client Success | SMB

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Sr. Digital Marketing Expert

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Digital Marketing Expert

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LOCALiQ Recruitment, Sales Manager

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LOCALiQ Recruitment, Sales Manager

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LOCALiQ Recruitment, Sales Manager

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LOCALiQ Recruitment, Senior Sales Manager

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LOCALiQ Recruitment, Sales Manager

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LOCALiQ Recruitment, Sales Manager

What Makes us Great

At LOCALiQ RECRUITMENT, we empower companies to connect, act, and thrive. Our goal is to be essential to local employers and marketers seeking meaningful connections with their communities. Our diverse voices, backgrounds, and specialties are fundamental to achieving that goal. Join us on our mission to help businesses grow with simplified local talent marketing.

How we value diversity

The quality that makes you different or unique – whether that be your age, education, ethnicity, gender, language, disability status, national origin, parental status, race, religion, sexual orientation, work style or anything else – is celebrated here. Leveraging that diversity by creating a culture where everyone feels safe, welcome, valued, included, and comfortable being who they are increases our talent and contributions while keeping us accountable in embracing differences and perspectives. Where are you headed next?