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Capture prospective candidates’ attention on digital “TV” with YouTube and across the USA TODAY NETWORK.

Video ads are more effective at reaching the right audience.

You already know that broadcast has an impressive high-impact reach — but wouldn’t it be great if you could improve your ROI for your video ad campaigns?

Even better, wouldn’t detailed reporting on your video ads be nice? Digital video advertising delivers the same impact and value of traditional broadcast ads but with advanced audience targeting that directs prospective job candidates to your career site. You can showcase your brand story through topics such as your company culture and highlighted employee testimonials, or let prospective candidates know about the causes your organization supports all within a highly visual and engaging format that inspires action.

YouTube Ads simplified.

Take advantage of YouTube and advertise your employment brand through unique format options. Zero in on a highly targeted audience of prospective candidates or target based on demographics, interests, and life events. With several ad types, targeting, and placements, YouTube ads allow you to deliver the right message to your audience at the right time during their path to employment — from research to application submission.
41% of YouTube users talk about what they saw on YouTube with their peers.

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Video Advertising on the

Together we’ll marry your engaging video ads and our trusted digital news platform with a premium in-market audience. Choose between pre-roll video ads, high-impact website takeover video ads, and in-banner video ads. Don’t have video ad content? We can help. We’ll handle all the production of your video, too.

Professional video ad creative and production services.

Your video ad creative will be built using proven best practices to get your employment brand noticed in a tight job market where everyone is looking for top talent. Our network of professional producers, videographers, and media planners make it simple and will take care of everything from production to getting your video ads on YouTube and our trusted USA TODAY NETWORK digital platforms.

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